27th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming
4-6 Sep 2017 Orléans (France)

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Special Issue on Inductive Logic Programming ILP 2017 and 2018



We are delighted to announce an open call for a Machine Learning Journal special issue on Inductive Logic Programming. We welcome the best papers submitted at ILP 2017 as well as new submissions, which if accepted will be part of the journal track of ILP 2018 (Sept. 2-4, Ferrara, Italy, http://ilp2018.unife.it/) and will be presented there.


The journal track has three cutoff dates: 17th November 2017, 29th December 2017 and 5th February 2018.


Papers for the special issue are solicited in all areas of learning in logic, multi-relational data mining, statistical relational learning, learning in other (non-propositional) logic-based knowledge representation frameworks, exploring intersections to ILP and other machine learning approaches.


The papers can address topics including, but not limited to:

  • Theoretical aspects of ILP: logical-foundations of learning, computational/statistical learning theory, specialisation and generalisation, probabilistic logic-based learning, ILP and structured data, ILP and constraint programming.

  • Learning in different representations and languages: logic programming, first-order logic, description logic and ontologies, higher-order logic, probabilistic logic languages.

  • ILP algorithms and systems: learning with (semi-)structured data, (semi-)supervised and unsupervised relational learning, relational reinforcement learning, predicate invention, propositionalization approaches, multi-instance learning, learning in the presence of uncertainty, meta-level learning.

  • Applications of ILP: art, bioinformatics, systems biology, games, medical informatics, robotics, natural language processing, web-mining, software engineering, modelling and adaptation of control systems, socio-technical systems.


Paper Submission:

Authors are encouraged to submit high-quality, original work that has neither appeared in, nor is under consideration by other journals.


All papers will be reviewed following standard reviewing procedures for the Machine Learning Journal.

Papers must be prepared in accordance with the Journal guidelines:



Manuscripts must be submitted to: http://MACH.edmgr.com


An article is submitted to this special issue by choosing "S.I. : ILP 2017-2018" as the article type. Articles should preferably be no longer than 20 pages, and submissions exceeding this length will not be given priority during reviews and will be under review for a longer period.


Important Dates:

Submission deadlines: 17th November 2017, 29th December 2017 and 5th February 2018.


We aim to send the first decision letters 6-8 weeks after submission. If there is a need for revisions of the submissions, the review process may be longer and the submission not accepted in time for this special issue and for ILP 2018.The final selection will be made on 10th May 2018.

The Special Issue Guest Editors:

Elena Bellodi, University of Ferrara

Nicolas Lachiche, University of Strasbourg

Fabrizio Riguzzi, University of Ferrara

Christel Vrain, University of Orléans

Riccardo Zese, University of Ferrara

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